Nirvati Ecosystem Philosophy

Libre: Empowering Through Freedom

At Nirvati, we believe that technology should be an enabler, not a restrictor. Our philosophy is grounded in the concept of “Libre,” which encompasses the principles of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). FOSS represents the embodiment of freedom, choice, and empowerment.

By embracing FOSS values, we empower individuals, families, organizations, and even governments to have control over their digital lives. We provide choices that align with the essence of “Libre,” allowing users to decide how they interact with technology and data. This emphasis on freedom is at the core of our philosophy paired with versatility, security, data ownership and self-soverignty.

The Liberation of Personal Clouds

Empowering Users from All Walks of Life

In an era where Big Tech corporations wield immense power and control over our digital data, we champion the cause of personal cloud ownership. Nirvati OS-based, while rooted in server technology, are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that everyone, from tech enthusiasts to the technologically uninitiated, can regain ownership of their digital self-sovereignty.

From seasoned Bitcoin aficionados managing their nodes to those seeking to take charge of their digital destinies, our OSs provide the tools needed for individuals and organizations to reclaim their digital space.

Our Selection of Fedora and Kubernetes

Foundations of Innovation and Scalability

Our commitment to β€œLibre” is reflected in our choice of Fedora and Kubernetes as the foundation of the core ecosystem based on the Nirvati OS.

The Beacon of Innovation

Fedora signifies the spirit of innovation. As a cutting-edge, community-driven Linux distribution, it symbolizes progress and freedom. We embrace Fedora’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technology, ensuring that our users have access to the latest advancements while maintaining the principles of “Libre.”

The Backbone of Scalability

Kubernetes plays a vital role as the orchestrator of our ecosystem. It enables us to provide scalable and flexible solutions that cater to diverse user needs. Just as “Libre” is about granting users the freedom to make choices, Kubernetes empowers us to offer an array of solutions, all built on the foundation of open and scalable technology.

Nirvati OS: The General Core

Flexibility and Adaptability for All

We refer to Nirvati OS as the “General Core OS” because it embodies our philosophy. Similar to a chef who crafts unique dishes from a variety of ingredients, we’ve built our ecosystem on a core that’s flexible, adaptable, and versatile. Nirvati OS serves as the starting point for those who seek to reclaim their digital self-sovereignty, providing freedom of choice and versatility for mainstream users.

Citadel OS and Luxdis OS: Tailored Solutions


Nirvati OS has been extended through Citadel OS, which integrates the broader Nirvati philosophy of efficiency, making it an ideal choice for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Luxdis OS is designed specifically for educational institutions, catering to the unique requirements of the academic environment.

These specialized OSs respect the principles of “Libre” by providing tailored choices to meet specific needs.

Tools and Services of our FOSS Ecosystem

Simplifying Digital Life

Nirvati goes beyond operating systems; our suite of tools and services simplifies digital life, enhances productivity, and supports individuals and organizations. These resources are designed to align with the “Libre” concept, giving users the freedom to select the solutions that best serve their needs.

Navigating the Path to Digital Freedom

In our ever-connected world, we understand the importance of freedom, choice, and empowerment. At Nirvati, we believe in providing versatile and empowering choices, ensuring that individuals and organizations can take control of their digital self-sovereignty of their data securely and easily.

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