Homepage Logo Guidelines

Ensuring Equality and Consistency for Our Partners and Sponsors


Our homepage is more than just a digital front door to our organization. It’s where we acknowledge and appreciate the support of our Sponsors and Hardware Partner Program participants while maintaining a welcoming, non-commercial space.


Hardware Partner Program Logos

To ensure equality among all Hardware Partner Program participants, we use grayscale or black-and-white logos on our homepage, standardizing their presentation as buttons that redirect to partners’ websites. Hovering reveals the color versions.

Sponsor Logos

Our Sponsors provide valuable support for our events and activities without expecting anything in return. To acknowledge their contributions and core values, we display a CTA button on our homepage and color Sponsor logos on a dedicated page.

Understanding Our Logo Choices

Grayscale logos for the Hardware Partner Program symbolize our professional collaboration, promoting hardware products in our Nirvati OS-based ecosystem. Sponsor logos, in color, align with their generous nature.

As a community-based Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) project, transparency is a core value. Distinguishing Hardware Partner Program and Sponsor logos fosters trust within our community.

Logo Guidelines for Dual-Role Entities

For organizations part of both the Hardware Partner Program and Sponsors, we use grayscale logos in the Hardware Partner Program section and color logos in our dedicated Sponsors page. This maintains consistency and represents our professional relationship.

Final Thoughts

These guidelines have been put in place to ensure consistency, fairness, and a positive user experience on our homepage. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.