Welc-Home to the Nirvati Family!

The Ecosystem where owning your data at home isn’t clouded by asterisks ‘ * ‘.

Here, you’ll find a range of innovative free open-source software Nirvati-based solutions designed with liberty in mind,
each aiming to enhance your experience while prioritizing privacy, security, and ease of use.

General OS – Designed for general purposes of your Personal cloud, with your data stored at home, fuels our free open-source solutions.

It enables individuals, families, and organizations to take care their digital self-sovereignty securely and easily.

β‚Ώitcoin-centric – This is a modern and powerful operating system with pre-installed Bitcoin apps. It allows you to easily run a Bitcoin & Lightning node in your home, independent of any cloud provider.

Educational focus – This is a Nirvati OS with pre-installed educational apps for schools, ready to use. Built on the solid foundation of Linux, it’s designed to make learning more impactful and engaging.



Project Management – This is a community-built, fluid, open project management tool designed to streamline your workflow. It simplifies project management with reliable, easy-to-use features and is designed for impactful, engaging project management.

Innovation Hub – This is a community-driven, innovative hub designed to foster creativity and collaboration. It simplifies the process of ideation and development with reliable, easy-to-use resources. Designed for impactful, engaging innovation, Nirvati Lab is your gateway to a world of endless possibilities.