In the digital realm, we’re mere tenants. Clouded by asterisks ‘*’, Big Tech holds the keys to our data.

Behind our backs, they party with our data in our digital living room, selling them to the highest bidder.

Nirvati OS is your digital self-sovereignty, changing the locks for a harmonious coexistence with your data.

Nirvati OS for Personal Cloud

Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive: Your Data, Now Without the ‘ * ‘.

Libre and Self-Sovereign

Nirvati OS is your route to regain your data liberty with
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community support.

Personal Cloud

Welc-Home, Sovereignty

Nirvati OS-based Ecosystem is suitable for
any mini-PC, Raspberry Pi, homelab, VM, RockPro, NUC.

Personal Cloud

Unleash the power of AI

Based on your own data or the API of your choice!

Private chat with AI

Ask sensitive questions safely.
No registration required.
No privacy leaks.

Integrated AI features

in the Nextcloud app
at your fingertips.

Nirvati App Store

Discover a world of
user-friendly apps
at your fingertips

Thanks to Nirvati’s App Store integration

The Nirvati Family

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The Nirvati Family relies on open-source communities, welcoming all contributors.

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Our journey soars with the support of individuals like you, families, and organizations
committed to the flight of security and data ownership for digital freedom.