Support in your own way

There are numerous ways you can lend your support to Nirvati OS-based ecosystem. Every contribution, no matter how small, is valuable, and we deeply appreciate your involvement in our community. Read on to explore the various ways you can make a difference with Nirvati.

Share Your Experience

Every member of our community has the potential to assist others and provide developers with invaluable insights.


Report Issues

By reporting bugs and providing feedback, you help us enhance the quality of Nirvati.


Test New Features

Experiment with our latest images to ensure they meet our high standards.


Provide Input

Your feedback and suggestions are vital in shaping the future of Nirvati.


Assist Fellow Nirvati Users

Help guide and support other members of the Nirvati community.

Contribute Your Language Skills

Whether you’re a writer, translator, or speaker, your language skills can extend the reach of Nirvati’s mission.



Skilled writers can make Nirvati more accessible to a broader audience.

Enhance Our Documentation: Improve and expand our documentation to assist users.



Translators play a pivotal role in ensuring that Nirvati is available to people worldwide.

Enhance Nirvati in Your Language: Contribute by translating Nirvati content into your language.



Advocates for Nirvati can help promote our mission to a wide range of audiences.

Create Outreach Material: Design logos, leaflets, stickers, and more to spread the word about Nirvati.

Engage with the Press and Media: Share information about Nirvati with the wider world

Contribute Your Computer Skills

Whether you’re a developer, system administrator, or designer, your technical skills can have a profound impact on Nirvati.


Developer or Maintainer

Talented individuals with diverse software skills can contribute to the improvement of Nirvati.

Work on the Source Code: Enhance Nirvati by working on its source code.

Contribute to Fedora: ollaborate on improving Fedora, a foundation for Nirvati.


System Administrator

System administrators are instrumental in contributing to the infrastructure that supports Nirvati.

Run a HTTP Mirror: Help maintain Nirvati’s infrastructure by running an HTTP mirror.

Enhance Nirvati’s Infrastructure: Contribute to the continuous improvement of our infrastructure.



Designers can make Nirvati more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Enhance the Website: Improve the Nirvati website to make it more accessible and informative.

Create Graphics: Design graphics that enhance the Nirvati experience for user