It’s been a while since the last update, so I just wanted to post this announcement to keep you informed.

OS updates

Citadel OS, the prebuilt system for Raspberry Pis, is being upgraded for Nirvati. During the upgrade, we’ve also added a new bootloader that keeps you informed what’s going on, so you can nearly instantly see progress when you boot your node.

In addition, Nirvati OS now supports the following hardware:

  • Any x86 machine with UEFI support
  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Radxa Rock 3 and Radxa CM3
  • (Soon) Radxa Rock 5 and Radxa CM5
  • Pine64 RockPro
  • Pine64 Quartz64 and Soquartz

With this larger hardware support, even more users can try Nirvati once it launches.

App development

I’ve recently finished porting Tor as an app to Nirvati. This was the most important core component of Citadel to port. Previously, the app system had various tools to implement Tor support – All of these are now removed, because Nirvati’s new app system is powerful enough to allow any app to work like Tor.

Development of most other apps is still ongoing, and will be my main focus for June.

Moving the website

When you see this post, is now successfully hosted on Nirvati instead of Citadel.

With Nirvati’s more powerful HTTPS system, we could also easily link this WordPress instance to, so we two websites hosted on Nirvati from the same app, something Citadel did not support.


I also want to thank everyone who has contributed to Nirvati and is making development possible.

Your donations help pay for all project infrastructure, including this website.

We’re currently receiving enough donations that we can also give back to the projects Nirvati is built on. While we can not give back a lot, I still think it’s important to support these projects, because Nirvati would be impossible without them.

Most of these projects are also backed by various companies utilizing them, but I think when you donate to Nirvati, you want Nirvati to continue and benefit from your donations. Supporting the entire tech stack Nirvati is built on is something important too, but most users are not familiar enough with it or maybe don’t see the purpose of donating there. Because of that, we donate to these projects that make Nirvati possible too.

I again want to thank DTV Electronics and Nabi Technology. Both of these companies are planning to sell hardware with Nirvati preinstalled, and are in return financially supporting the project.

Recently, Pippellia from Nabi Technology also joined the project as “Project Janitor” to help with various non-development related topics. I am really grateful for anyone supporting the project and he already helped me a lot with testing new Nirvati versions, setting up the Geyser page and running the Twitter account, which allowed me to focus more on development.

RISC-V support

In a few months, we’ll hopefully have the first RISC-V version of Nirvati ready. We’ll continue to post updates here once there are news on that…