Features in Nirvati

In this blog post, I want to share another quick update regarding Nirvati's development. I want to highlight three features Nirvati significantly improves over the version in Citadel. HTTPS In Nirvati, the HTTPS feature is getting significant improvements. In addition to, we plan on making a shorter domain availabel for Nirvati (Probably and Citadel users. This makes the domains a lot shorter and hopefully easier to remember. I've also decided to implement another feature I didn't consider before starting Nirvati that I noticed during building this website (Which is currently running on a Citadel node): Multiple domains for HTTPS. With Nirvati, you'll be able to assign multiple domains [...]

Nirvati beta launch: Current progress

In this post, I want to share some updates regarding Nirvati's beta launch. What's (basically) done We've already set up the Nirvati container registry, which will host all Docker containers for Nirvati. In addition, large parts of the new app system, API and user interface are already finished. All development is happening in public on GitLab, so please check that out to learn more. What's left to do While we've made a lot of progress, there's still some things left to do: Put them together into a docker-compose project (Nearly finished) Port ~50 apps we currently have to the new app system and implement new ones Implement a UI for [...]

Announcing The Nirvati Container Registry

Today, I am excited to announce the first service we're providing for the developer community, with many more community projects hopefully coming soon: The Nirvati Container Registry is a registry for Docker container images that is completely free for every interested project. We're currently also mirroring a few open source projects, including all containers by LNCM, BtcPayServer, and LNBits. As I'm writing this post, these projects are still being copied, but I will share instructions on pulling them and using the registry later. The registry is powered by Harbor, an open source container registry. It is available at, please have a look at it if you're interested. To sign [...]

Announcing Nirvati

Today, I am excited to showcase a new project: Nirvati. The main goal of Nirvati is to fix mistakes I made in Citadel, and to bring the abilities of Citadel to a larger group of users. What is Nirvati? Nirvati is the core of what will make Citadel 0.3.0 possible. It offers a modular base system projects like Citadel can build on. It currently handles these features: User management (Nirvati is built to support multiple users) App management Container management HTTPS for apps With Nirvati, we have a much more lightweight core project. In the future, some large features like Kubernetes support or HTTPS support just need to be added [...]

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